Delivering real results with Liposonix is simple, but the technology that powers Liposonix is highly advanced. The Liposonix system focuses high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) energy at a depth of 1.3 cm, causing a rapid local temperature rise, destroying targeted adipose tissue just beneath the skin in the abdomen and flanks. Targeted fat is destroyed, while surrounding tissue is left undamaged. Because Liposonix focuses high-intensity, high-frequency energy below the surface, it works differently than other “sculpting” devices, offering true Custom Contouring™ that other treatments just can’t deliver.




The Liposonix HIFU Thermal Effect –
The Details:

  1. Liposonix creates a temperature rise above 56°C effectively destroying the targeted adipose tissue without damaging tissue outside of the intended focal zone.
  2. Macrophages are attracted to treated adipose tissue, engulfing free lipids and cellular debris.
  3. Destroyed cells are naturally processed by the body and excreted gradually over 8-12 weeks.