How does the Liposonix treatment work to destroy fat?

The Liposonix system focuses high-intensityfocused ultrasound energy at a precise depth (1.3 cm) within the targeted adipose tissue in the abdomen and flanks, without harming the skin or surrounding tissues and organs. This causes thermal coagulation of adipose tissue within the focal zone of the ultrasound beam. The destroyed tissue and released triglycerides are engulfed and removed by macrophages that are drawn to the treated area by chemotactic signals. The lipid-laden macrophages then move through the lymphatic system to the liver, where the lipids are processed by the body’s normal biochemical pathways. Once processed by the liver, the energy from the lipids may be used by the body directly or, as with any fat, may be stored by the body in adipose tissue if the energy is not required immediately. Adipocytes that are destroyed in the treated area are no longer available to store fat. The damaged tissue in the treated area is resorbed over a period of approximately 8 to 12 weeks, which can yield an aesthetic body-contouring effect.

Is the Liposonix treatment safe?

The Liposonix treatment has a well-defined safety profile for patients who meet the treatment criteria. More than 10 years of research have been completed on the Liposonix system, including international multicenter clinical studies. Monitoring of over 40 blood analytes, including lipid panels, in over 200 subjects in clinical studies has shown in general no evidence of clinically significant changes after treatment. No serious or unanticipated adverse events related to the treatment have been observed or reported in clinical studies of the Liposonix system. During treatment, patients may experience discomfort (pain), cold, prickling, tingling, or warmth. The most common post-treatment side effects include discomfort, ecchymosis, erythema, and edema, which are generally described (or rated) as mild.

Is the treated fat permanently removed?

The Liposonix treatment destroys targeted fat in the treatment areas of the abdomen and flanks. The adipocytes that are destroyed in the treated areas are no longer available to store fat, and are removed over a period of 8 to 12 weeks through the body's natural healing process.

What does a Liposonix treatment feel like?

During treatment as recommended, patients may experience discomfort, cold, prickling, tingling, or warmth. The most common post-treatment side effects include discomfort (pain), ecchymosis, erythema, and edema, which are generally described (or rated) as mild. Pain management is at the discretion of the physician. In clinical studies, subjects have described different levels of discomfort depending on the treatment area, fluence level selected and the number of sites treated.

Can everyone have the Liposonix treatment?

A patient is ineligible for treatment with the Liposonix system if any of the following criteria are met:

  • The patient is a female who is pregnant, may be pregnant, or is lactating. Female patients of child bearing age should have a negative pregnancy test before being treated with the Liposonix system.
  • The patient has less than 1 cm of subcutaneous adipose tissue greater than the depth setting of the system in the treatment area.
  • The patient has a Hernia in the area to be treated.

The Liposonix treatment is not a replacement for liposuction surgery or a healthy lifestyle, or a way to lose weight. For a full list of patient criteria and contraindications see the Liposonix System User Manual. 

Is the Liposonix treatment safe on all skin types?

Differences in the operation or effect of the Liposonix system due to differences in skin type have not been observed. Ultrasound energy in the frequency range used by the Liposonix system is not directly affected by melanin in the skin. All skin types have not been comprehensively tested.

Can the Liposonix system be used on patients with visible scars?

It is not recommended to treat directly on top of scar tissue, as the scar tissue may interfere with the intended ultrasound delivery and focal point in the subcutaneous adipose tissue. Striae (stretch marks) are permissible to treat over.

What are the system installation and power requirements?

The Liposonix system does not have any special installation or power requirements. A company representative will be on-site, when the product is delivered, to ensure it is installed and working properly. Power Input: 100–240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1270 VA.

What are the benefits of using heat when treating subcutaneous adipose tissue?

By utilizing heat, the Liposonix treatment creates a dual tissue response. The controlled thermal effect results in the destruction of targeted fat as well as contraction of collagen in the treatment area. (The benefit of collagen denaturization cannot be achieved with cryolipolysis or low intensity ultrasound.)  The body then naturally processes and removes the destroyed fat tissue over a period of 8 to 12 weeks, which may leave patients with a slimmer, more contoured waistline.

What kind of clinical results have been seen so far?

In clinical trials conducted by leading investigators worldwide, subjects, on average, achieved a 1 inch (2.5 cm) waist circumference reduction, or about one dress or pant size after a single one-hour treatment, with results typically seen in 8 to 12 weeks. When surveyed, the majority of subjects reported improvement in the flatness of their abdomen and would likely return for an additional treatment if needed to achieve the best results. The Liposonix treatment is not a replacement for liposuction surgery or a healthy lifestyle, or a way to lose weight.

What body parts can be treated?

Intended Use & Indications for Use are as follows for all countries where available, with specific indications as listed below:
The Liposonix system delivers high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) energy that can disrupt subcutaneous adipose tissue (SAT) to provide a non-invasive approach to body contouring to achieve a desired aesthetic effect.
US: Indicated for non-invasive waist circumference reduction (i.e., abdomen and flanks).
Canada, Mexico: Indicated for abdomen, flanks, hips, thighs and buttocks.
Australia, EU, Taiwan: Indicated for trunk and lower extremities excluding the lower leg (i.e., abdomen, flanks, hips, thighs and buttocks).

When will patients see the full result of treatment?

Results are typically seen in 8 to 12 weeks after treatment. This is the time it takes for the body to naturally process the destroyed fat tissue.

Why is using purified water and maintaining contact of the treatment head to the skin important?

In order for the ultrasound energy to be transmitted into the body there can be no air or gas in the treatment path. Any air in the ultrasound beam will result in a reflection of the ultrasound energy back towards the transducer. Water applied to the skin acts to remove the air between the treatment head and the patient’s skin, allowing for transmission of the ultrasound energy into the body. It is important not to use ultrasound gel as it is not designed for HIFU applications using the Liposonix system.